Current & Upcoming Events

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December 17, 2018: Festival of Lights

Monday, December 17, from 10:30 - 12:00. We excited to [...]

December 7, 2018: It’s A Small World Little Elves Workshop

Join us for the 3rd annual Little Elves workshop! This [...]

December 4, 2018: What’s the Deal With E-Cigs?

What do they look like? How do I know if [...]


Welcome to the Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center: a vital, growing, compassionate heart of our community.

The Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center creates a welcoming, safe, and compassionate environment for growing, learning and connecting. We offer an array of services and support to improve the lives of individuals, children, youth, families and older adults in our communities. We believe healthy individuals and families create healthy communities!

Resource centers have a primary role in providing a place where families and community can come together to learn and connect in a respectful, secure and supportive setting. To improve outcomes for both individuals, families and communities, a resource center brings together services and activities that educate, develop skills and promote growth increasing the capacity of individuals and families to be healthy, involved members of dynamic communities.